The Speed Factory Classes

Strength Training for Athletes

This class is designed for athletes to not only reach peak athletic performance, but also improve their running form, endurance, speed, strength, and staying injury free. Nell does this through a structured program of a resistance training progression, agility, mobility and balance, and explosive power. May attend once or twice a week.

10 classes $220, Sun 2pm/Thurs 11am
20 classes $400, Sun 2pm/Thurs 11am

Strength Training for Junior Athletes (14 yrs-18 yrs)

This class will prepare runners for peak athletic performance and keep them injury free. We do this through highly specific sports training including a structured strength progression, agility drills, balance and mobility, and power exercises. Strength is very overlooked in endurance athletes and will enable athletes to excel and compete in their sport for a lifetime.

We will also take the time to analyze current workouts, talk about race strategy, nutrition, and practice visualization.

10 classes $220, Fall Schedule Mon/Wed 6:00pm
20 classes $400, Fall Schedule Mon/Wed 6:00pm

Kickr Class (cycling class)

Kickr’s will target your individual threshold power output to tailor a workout specifically to you in a class setting. Bring YOUR bike to ride with a realistic road feel and get the most benefit out of your workout. These classes will exhilarate you leaving you wanting more!

10 classes $220, Tues 7:15am

Olympic Lifting

Olympic Lifting movements have been used for years to optimize explosive power and improve athletic coordination and performance. Olympic lifting will take your athletic career to the next level.

1-on-1’s: These classes will teach you the Olympic lifting movements of the “clean” and “snatch”. The class will ensure proper technique through instruction, video analysis, and applied drills.

6 1-on-1 sessions $480

Running or Strength Training 1-on-1 Sessions

Single session $85 (or $75 for Rojas Athletics Memembers)
6 sessions $480
10 sessions $750
Semi-private (2-3 people) – 6 sessions $360
Semi-private (2-3 people) – 10 sessions $550